Initial Thoughts on Digital Scholarship

iStock_000006064678SmallI am a proud member of the University of Mary Washington’s Digital Scholars Institute, and as such I think I have some credibility with regard to defining digital scholarship.  I have to admit, I don’t find the concept of digital scholarship to be as complex as some might.  After fifteen years of developing digital tools for use by students in the classroom, I know digital scholarship to be the practice of creating a digital product, be it a digital database or a digital tool,  that advances the understanding of, well, anything.  Period.  Well, almost period.  I think if one wanted to put any stipulation on that definition, that stipulation would be that the digital product would need to be digitally interactive.  I’m not so sure that writing a piece that could be published in a traditional paper format as well as part of an on-line document journal is digital scholarship.  But add interactivity to it in a substantive way, a way that brings useful features to the piece, then you have digital scholarship.  I have to think about it some more, but as a bloglodyte, those are my initial thoughts.